Founded by Forrest Mitchell, Simplicity Buckhead (formerly Buckhead Brokerage Group) offers insurance professionals and the brokerage community access to top-rated annuities, as well as leading disability, LTC, Life, and Medicare products from the best carriers in the industry.

Simplicity Buckhead specializes in providing point-of-sale services and support, helping advisors maximize efficiencies. Members of the team meet, present, and implement annuity, disability, LTC, Life, and Medicare proposals alongside an advisor, while giving the advisor “agent-of-record” status on all applications.

The company also offers proven and turnkey educational lead generation programs, as well as access to advanced sales training programs led by industry experts. Their mission is to provide all agents access to:

Top-Tier Life Insurance Companies

Comprehensive Advisory Resources

Advanced Underwriting Solutions
Insurance Product Education

Our guiding principles inform everything we do

Simplicity provides exceptional education in support of every product and service we offer. We want to educate our agents and advisors, who will in turn educate their clients, and thereby advance holistic financial planning for Americans as they prepare for — and live in — retirement.

Education is the cornerstone of any business transaction. People want to buy what they understand. This is especially true in the financial industry which is why we invest in training and educational resources that will help all our partners educate Americans on how to secure their financial futures.

It is our priority to deliver value to our distribution partners, and by extension their clients, in the form of best-in-class insurance, investment, and business development solutions for every stage of life.

Our business is built on strong relationships at every level. We understand the current landscape and anticipated needs of financial professionals and their clients and are well-prepared to provide the sales, marketing and operational support that will help them, help their clients secure their financial futures.

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